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You don’t need more information. You need a deeper transformation — here and now.

I’ve designed a program that combines your body, mind, and spirit to create your ultimate breakthrough.

I’ll show you how to activate your highest self and elevate you to an extraordinary new level, without years of pain and struggle.

No more self sabotage. Good bye imposter syndrome. And never let your life or business be controlled by not feeling good enough again.

Hi, I’m Joanna

I’m a transformational coach, mentor, and portrait photographer on a mission to free you.

I help ambitious women transform destructive self doubt and sabotage so they can double their business and live a life they love — without years of suffering, guilt, or struggle.

You deserve a life where you can fully own and express your true self, inside and out. It’s time to stop hiding and start living fully — on your terms.

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Remove the block to getting what you want.

In this simple training you’ll learn how to conquer the imposter syndrome that keeps you stuck in a loop of self sabotage. Keep the coaching questions and audio meditation on your phone and I’ll coach you on-the-go any time you need. Transform from stress-out into a confident and powerful leader in just minutes! 


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Find out how I can help you transform your life or business in as little as one session. Online or in person, one-on-one or with a group, or at a live, full transformation retreat.


  • Coach you through a crisis or life or business challenge
  • Mentor you to multiply your business to the next level
  • Photograph you so you can transform how you see yourself
See For Yourself

The Portrait Experience

The portrait shoot empowers everyday women from all over the world in every age, shape, culture, and profession. Each experience is custom designed for you. Choose from the dream shoot, glamour, boudoir, headshot, and personal branding. Scroll through some of our transformations below.

Here and Now

You are a modern woman. Own who you are today. And the woman you are becoming.

Express Your Radiance

Be your true woman inside and out. Unfiltered and in her flow.

Passion Unleashed

You are multilayered. Ranging from light to dark. Soft. Vibrant. Sexy. All in one.


The years alone do not define you. Neither do your experiences. Living with purpose and meaning arises from your soul.

From Your Core

We get to the truth in your soul. The essence of who you are. Take off the masks and elevate from here. Anything else is a lie.

Personal Branding

You are your brand. How you show up determines the results you get. Live in your peak and beautiful state daily.

Client Love

Life Coaching

“”My coaching time with you changed me for life. I don’t get depressed anymore, my life is in order, and I’m able to achieve anything I set out to do. You are worth every penny and more. I still can’t believe my first sale out of the gate was nearly $7,000!!! You’ve made a huge impact on my life!”


Portrait Shoot

“I used to be very camera shy; never liked any photos of myself. I no longer compare myself to others. I am who God created me to be. I am unique and special in my own right. Free. Reach down deep and see that you are worthy and beautiful. It will change the way you see yourself.”


Business Mentoring

“I have a stronger foundation. My eyes were opened to how I devalued myself and my business. I no longer give away my work, my sales average is respectable ($1200) and growing. I have bookings in my calendar, money in the bank. This is not just business-changing, it’s life changing.”


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Stop Beating Yourself Up

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The 2018 Desire Map Planner Review

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